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Waverley Homechoice


Welcome to Waverley Homechoice, where you can search and apply for council and housing association properties available for rent in Waverley. 



Customers will have noticed that far fewer properties have been advertised in recent weeks due to the impact of COVID 19. However, we are pleased to say that more properties will now be advertised from June 2020 onwards, as long as the easing of the lock-down continues.

Please be mindful that we are dealing with a large number of properties that are either still under going works or have where works have not yet started by will soon.

In order to minimise face to face contact, once we are in a position to offer a property we will be conducting a combined appointment to view the property and sign up for the tenancy at the same time.

We may also not always have officers available for viewings so in some instances No physical viewing will take place. Instead we may introduce 'virtual viewings' where the property is video recorded and the recording is sent to you or viewed  via a web link.

Due to the need to let properties as soon as possible, tenancies will also commence very swiftly after viewing. Therefore if you are not able to move at short notice, you may wish to refrain from bidding until you are able to do so to avoid the disappointment in either being overlooked for a property or incurring costs of paying for your new social housing home as well as for any other accommodation costs that you a liable to pay. 

Thank you

We advertise properties from midnight Wednesday to midnight Sunday each week. This is known as the bidding cycle.

If you are on our housing register, you can bid for properties during these days.

Bids are ranked according to your priority on the housing register. It makes no difference when you choose to bid within the bidding cycle.

Following the end of each bidding cycle we review the bidding lists. After verification checks, we contact the successful applicant to offer a viewing of the property s/he has bid on.

Not on the housing register?

To see if you are eligible to join the housing register please go to Housing Register.

Important information for applicants:

1. Please be aware that when we advertise properties they are usually still occupied by the current tenant. Photographs will not always be of the actual property and are for guidance purposes only. If you decide to go to the particular road in which properties are advertised, please respect the privacy of tenants. The Council reserves the right to overlook bids from applicants who do not respect the privacy of our tenants or the tenants of our housing association partners. Thank you for your co-operation.

2. Please think carefully about the property that you are bidding for. Is it in an area you will move to? Can you see yourself living there?

3. Please ensure that we have your current telephone number and that your telephone takes incoming calls.

4. Remember: If your bid is successful you will be invited to view the property within office hours and this can be at short notice. It is likely that you will be given less than 2 weeks notice to move.

5. Offers will not be made, or will be withdrawn, if you have rent arrears in a private rented, Council or Housing Association tenancy, owe Council Tax or if you have other unpaid housing related debts with the Council or other social landlord.


From September 2014, the Council replaced existing secure (lifetime) tenancies with introductory and flexible tenancies for new tenants, with the exception of older people moving into senior living accommodation.This was approved by Full Council on 23 April 2013.

Introductory tenancies run for the first 12 months of occupation. They are effectively a trial period, before automatically becoming flexible tenancies, unless proceedings have commenced to end the tenancy.

Flexible tenancies are expected to last for five years but can be renewed for further five year periods if the tenant still needs social housing and their present home meets the requirements of the household. The expectation is that the majority of tenancies will be renewed, unless the tenants' circumstances have changed.

If circumstances have changed, tenants may be asked to move to another more suitable home, for example, if a single person is living in a family-sized home.The reasons why a new tenancy may not be re-issued are explained in the Tenancy Policy. Reviews will be carried out 6-9 months before a tenancy is due to end, so the tenants will have plenty of notice and time to get help and advice.

The introduction of introductory and flexible tenancies will not affect existing tenants who currently hold a secure (lifetime) tenancy.

The Waverley Homechoice website is packed with useful information to help you find a suitable home. You can use this website to:

If you would like help to use  Waverley Homechoice please contact our Homechoice helpline on 01483 523014.
Click How to Contact Us for contact details and opening hours. 

For information about the privacy notice relating to the assessment and the processing your housing application information, including retention timescales, please refer to the Housing Options website:

If you are interested in Shared Ownership in Waverley you will need to register with the Help To Buy Agent, Radian using the following link and contact details:


Tel: 0800 456 1188

Further information on shared ownership in Waverley is available at:


If you are already a Council or housing association tenant and are interested in swapping your home (known as a mutual exchange), please visit Homeswapper for more information about how to register online.

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