How bidding works

Advertising properties

Properties available for rent are advertised each week on this site -

When Waverley receive a formal notice of a property due to become vacant the property will be advertised.  Housing association properties in the area will also be advertised.  Please check the landlord named on the advert. 

What do property adverts tell me?

Adverts give you information about the landlord, location, size of property, rent, and other features, such as, wet room, separate dining room, garden etc. There will usually be a photograph of a similar property. You will also be able to access information about the area and facilities.

The advert tells you which bands can bid. Usually, all bands are permitted to bid, and the priority order is band A, B, C, D. The advert will also tell you if there are any special conditions that an applicant must meet, for example family size or age restrictions.

Symbols are also used on the website to tell you about the property. For example, indicating pets allowed/not allowed, garden/no garden etc.

Bidding for properties

A bid is expressing your interest in an advertised property.

Whilst anyone can log into this site and look at advertised properties, you can only bid for a property if you have been accepted onto Waverley's Housing Register and provided with your registration and login details.

If you need further information about applying to join Waverley's Housing Register please visit:

What information do I need to log into the Waverley Homechoice website and bid?

  1. Your registration/reference number sent you when you were accepted onto Waverley's Housing Register
  2. The date of birth (memorable date) of the main applicant. please enter your date of birth 19 01 1991. Please enter without pressing the tab button, instead click in each box individually and input the numbers as requested
  3. Once you have entered your registration number and memorable date, you will be prompted to create a new password.  Please make a note of the password you chose as you will need this each time you log in.

How do I bid for a property?

  1. Go to login (top right hand corner) and this will bring up a new screen. Enter your login reference (unique reference number)
  2. Enter your memorable date and password then click on continue
  3. Click on the box saying how many eligible properties are available for you
  4. Click on the title of the property (highlighted in blue) to view more information about it
  5. To place a bid on a property, click on ‘Apply for property

If you are not eligible to bid for a property, the system will not let you bid and will tell you why.

Can I bid for any property?

The system will check whether you meet the requirements for the property you are bidding for - for example is your bedroom entitlement appropriate for the property? If you do not meet the requirements, you will not be able to bid for that property.

When you bid for a property on the website you will be given a reason if it is not suitable.

If you think that you do meet the eligibility requirements but are not able to bid, it could mean the information held on the application is incorrect or not up to date. It is, therefore, essential that you inform us immediately of any changes which may affect your application. Please contact 01483 523551 if you have any queries about your housing application.

Council and housing association properties

Properties will be advertised from midnight every Wednesday; you will be able to bid for them until midnight on the Sunday. This is known as a weekly bidding cycle. You will not be able to bid outside this period.

Please note – your place on the bidding list is not determined by the time you placed the bid; it will be determined by your band and priority date.

Day of the week Can you bid?
Monday No
Tuesday No
Wednesday No
Thursday Yes
Friday Yes
Saturday Yes
Sunday Yes

Rented properties will be advertised for one bidding cycle only.

How many properties can I bid for?

You will be able to bid for a maximum of three properties each week. However, you will only be able to bid for properties you are eligible for.

Will I know if other people are interested in the same property?

Yes, when you bid for a property, you will be told what position you are in compared with other applicants. This is likely to change frequently throughout the bidding cycle as more people bid for the property. Using this information towards the end of the bidding cycle you may decide to withdraw your bid and bid for an alternative property instead which you may place you in a better position. You can do this at any time before the close of the bidding cycle.

How can I withdraw a bid?

You can withdraw your bid at any time during the bidding cycle. You can do this on the website.

  • Go to the login page
  • Enter your registration number, password, and memorable date
  • Click the withdraw bid box against the property

Can you help me to use this service?

We want to make sure that everyone understands the service and can access information. If you would like help to use the service, please telephone 01483 523551 during normal office hours (8.45am to 5.15pm Mon – Thurs, 8.45am to 4.45pm Friday).